pm2 5 detection Air quality detection system


pm2 5 detection Air quality detection system is an easy-to-use one developed by our company. The measurement accuracy is high. A mobile monitoring system integrating multiple meteorological elements. It mainly monitors six parameters of dust, noise, temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction. It adopts a new integrated structure design and excellent workmanship. It can deal with dust, noise, wind speed and direction. Various environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity are monitored, and announcements and trend analysis are made. And according to user needs. Present the data on the LCD\LED display screen at the same time.

pm2 5 detection
pm2 5 detection

The dust monitor uses the principle of laser scattering to measure the dust concentration. Ensure real-time online monitoring of dust concentration. The digital detection technology adopted by the noise monitor. Has high reliability. Good stability. Wide dynamic range. Requires advantages such as range conversion. The core part of the temperature and humidity monitor consists of a set of highly integrated temperature and humidity sensor chips. The selected chips are all chips with full-scale calibration digital output. The wind speed and direction monitor has strong corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

The measurement accuracy is high, the measuring range is wide, and the stability is good. Strong anti-interference ability. Can work stably for a long time. The system is divided into two forms: wired station and wireless station. Cooperating with software, it can realize remote network data transmission and real-time network condition monitoring. It has a wide measuring range and long service life. Convenient operation and other features. It is an environmental monitoring system with outstanding cost performance. At the same time, this instrument can provide various types of transmission and display. The alarm can provide real-time sound, light, signal value and optional alarm.

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