weather stations

Weather stations are testing instruments that measure the air (inhalable particulate matter) and PM10 (inhalable particulate matter) values in a timely manner. It uses high-brightness LED display devices. Latch display mode, high brightness and uniformity. Strong anti-interference ability. It has the characteristics of high test accuracy, stable performance, and simple and convenient operation. It can be widely used in real-time measurement of public place environment and atmospheric environment. Realize a good level match with regulatory measuring instruments. Real-time continuous monitoring of air pollution index at multiple points. This instrument can also be used to evaluate and analyze the purification efficiency of air purifiers.

Weather stations Real-time online monitoring, video, data display and analysis. Early warning control, spraying, wireless transmission. It consists of a platform for data processing and information monitoring. Online monitoring integrates TSP, PM10 monitoring, degree and wind speed and direction. Noise monitoring and toxic and hazardous gas monitoring and other functions; the data platform is a networked platform with an Internet architecture. Weather monitoring system has the monitoring function of the monitoring station and the data processing, recording, query, statistics, report output and other functions. It can also be used with various pollution control devices, fog cannons and tower cranes. Linkage such as wall spraying. In order to achieve the purpose of automatic dust control.

Weather monitoring system

Real-time online dust monitoring. It has manual/automatic control of dust control equipment and sound and light functions. Carry out atomization spraying and dust reduction measures on the scene. When the PM value reaches the set lower limit, the spray will be turned off automatically.

Support real-time display data such as multi-size color LCD and LED outdoor display. (The outdoor display can be customized according to customer needs) Reserve multiple sets of data interfaces. Can be connected to data acquisition equipment and large-screen display equipment. Realize the storage of data. Graphical display of data from monitoring points. Curve analysis, statistics of over-limit and over-standard, etc. Provide decision-making basis for the department.

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