Strengthen soil moisture monitoring to make agriculture more water-saving


In agricultural production, soil is the key to everything. Mastering soil moisture data is of great significance to agricultural production practices. my country is a country with drought, severe water shortage, and water shortage. If all the water wasted in agricultural production is collected and used. China’s water shortage pressure may be greatly reduced.

Soil moisture is an important index parameter to understand the changes of the soil environment, and it is related to the selection of the best production time such as sowing, fertilization, and drought resistance. The development and growth of most crops plays a vital role. So in order to better ensure the growth of crops. It is necessary for us to measure the temperature of moisture in the soil, by grasping the distribution of soil moisture (moisture content). Provide a scientific basis for differentiated water-saving irrigation. In addition, accurate water supply is also conducive to improving the yield and quality of crops.

production is collected
production is collected

The soil moisture monitor is also called the tubular soil detector, which can dynamically observe the soil moisture content and temperature at different levels. It can effectively realize the layered measurement of the soil, and it is convenient for the management personnel to supplement the nutrients of each layer in real time based on the detection data. To increase agricultural production and achieve efficient production. It is widely used in garden irrigation, soil moisture, geological testing and other places that need to detect soil moisture, drought information or need to detect weather in real time. Stable, reliable, universal, and malleable, it helps to improve the environmental monitoring level of precision agriculture.


From the perspective of crop water requirements, we have such a misunderstanding that more irrigation can ensure yield and quality. But this is not the case. Irrigation itself is to meet the needs of different growth periods of crops. To grasp the water demand rules of different growth periods of crops, and to irrigate crops accurately and according to needs.

From this perspective, agriculture itself does not need so much water. According to the water demand of crops, irrigation is sufficient to meet the needs of crops. This can also save water to the utmost extent. Jingxun Changtong Smart Soil Analyzer can detect soil moisture at different levels in real time. And analyze the soil moisture content at different levels. Many parameters such as saturated water content and effective water storage capacity.

Tubular soil moisture monitoring instrument can be used for soil moisture monitoring. Agricultural greenhouses, pastoral irrigation, scientific research, water conservancy projects and other scenarios.

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