Types and characteristics of liquid level gauges of iot liquid level monitoring system

What is a level gauge?

The height of the liquid medium in the container is called the liquid level, and the meter that measures the liquid level is called a level gauge. The iot liquid level monitoring system is a kind of level meter. The types of level gauges include input type, ultrasonic, maglev type, pressure type, sonar wave, magnetic flap, radar, etc.

Types and characteristics of level gauges:
Model 485 input type liquid level transmitter

Model 485 input type liquid level transmitter-JXBS-3001-Level series transmitter is mainly composed of three parts: imported pressure measuring element sensor, measuring circuit and process connection. It can convert the pressure signal parameters felt by the load cell into a standard liquid level signal.

When the sensor is dropped into a certain depth in the measured liquid. The force of the measured medium is introduced into the positive pressure cavity of the sensor, and the atmospheric pressure Po on the liquid surface is connected to the negative pressure cavity of the sensor through a cable air duct. In order to offset the Po on the front of the sensor, the pressure can be measured by the sensor, and the depth of the liquid level can be obtained by measuring the pressure.

This product adopts imported diffused silicon pressure detection sensor with stable signal and high precision. Anti-interference, low temperature drift, high stability, and high measurement accuracy. It is an ideal liquid level measuring instrument in the field of industrial automation.

iot liquid level monitoring system
iot liquid level monitoring system
Ultrasonic Level Gauge

Ultrasonic Level Gauge-Ultrasonic Level Gauge Sensor is a sensor based on 4G mobile network for data transmission. There is no need for special communication lines, and the Internet of Things detection can be realized by relying on the ubiquitous mobile phone signal network.

The 4G sensor uses a stable and reliable operator network. It has the characteristics of mature technology, stable transmission, strong signal and wide coverage. At the same time, the device supports timing data collection and active upload to the server platform.

Ultrasonic level gauge is a distance measuring instrument developed on the basis of ultrasonic principles in the iot liquid level monitoring system. Using the transmitted sound wave pulse, measure the time of the receiving end to calculate the distance. The shell of the whole machine is made of ABS material, which has the characteristics of light weight, no moving parts, and sturdiness and durability. And there is no need for maintenance and on-site calibration. It can be used in conjunction with a computer, data collector or other collection equipment that conforms to RS485.

This product has no moving parts, low wear and long service life. Engineering plastic shell, lightweight design, portable, easy to install and disassemble. No maintenance and on-site calibration are required. Imported detection chip is adopted, and the response speed is fast. The zero drift is small and the repeatability is good. The product has been tested by EMC and EMI and has strong anti-interference ability. The equipment is stable, reliable and accurate in detection. Remote cloud alarm monitoring.

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