Ultrasonic level gauge


Ultrasonic liquid level gauge, liquid level sensor adopts ABS shell, low wear, high-definition display at a glance, filtering algorithm, accurate measurement, no moving parts, long life, suitable for water conservancy, hydropower/sewage treatment and other scenes.

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Ultrasonic liquid level gauge-liquid level sensor-water level sensor


Ultrasonic level gauge (Ultrasonic level gass nci me me at theje) is a the distancemeasuring instrument developed based on the prille of ultrasoundses the transmitted sound wave pulse, measure treceiving end to calculate the distance. Made of ABS material, lightweight, no need For maintenance and field calibration, it can beconnected to a computer, data collector or other RS485 Compatibleacquisition equipment is used together.


(1)No moving parts, low wear and long service life.
(2)Engineering plastic shell, light and handy design, easy to carry.
(3)The filtering algorithm makes the measurement more accurate.
(4)LED display, high-definition data display, easy to read at a glance.
(5)In advanced mode, users have access to additional settings and functions for customization, while in simplified mode, product configuration can be quickly completed with a 2-step setup for easy deployment.


Weight N/A
Measuring range

0~ 30m

measurement accuracy


Measure the nursery area


way of communication


Baud rate


Power supply

12V DC

Working current

Turn on the backlight: 130±10mA, Turn off the backlight: 70 ± 10mA

Operating temperature


Working humidity environment


Product number



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