An important indicator of aquaculture water quality monitoring-dissolved oxygen


In the process of aquaculture water quality monitoring, water quality is what we usually pay the most attention to, even the most annoying. Among the indicators of water quality, dissolved oxygen is the most important indicator, whether it is to prevent fish diseases or regulate water quality. Even if the “magic pill” is used, if the dissolved oxygen in the water is insufficient or even severely hypoxia, all medications are equal to zero. Therefore, a water quality DO detector is needed to monitor the do content in the water. Ensure sufficient oxygen in the water and improve the survival rate of aquaculture.


The dissolved oxygen analyzer is based on the microprocessor of the intelligent electronic unit. Patented self-cleaning probe (no moving parts) and maintenance-free probe interface, high stability. Low maintenance cost and performance; Dissolved oxygen analyzer button operation, convenient and intuitive. Dissolved oxygen analyzer is suitable for any occasion that requires do analyzer measurement and oxygenation control. DO analyzers are mainly used in wastewater treatment, aquaculture, marine industry and other occasions.

The dissolved oxygen analyzer
Features of Dissolved Oxygen Detector:
  1. Microcomputer, touch keyboard, LCD backlit liquid crystal display value, simple operation.  
  2. Adopting the photoelectric colorimetric principle of spectrophotometry, it is convenient to apply reagents, and the water sample can be read after the reagent is reacted, and the measured value is displayed digitally.  
  3. The special LED light source automatic control circuit, the light source is stable, solves the problem of preheating when starting up, and the light source life is as long as 20 years, and it can be used directly without preheating when starting up.  
  4. The instrument stores a calibration curve within the full range, with power-off protection, and the calibration data will not be lost. It can automatically adjust zero and 5 points automatically. The data has non-linear processing and data smoothing functions. The small reading of the meter is 0.01.

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