Sewage tank level monitoring system solution


The tank level monitoring system is mainly composed of sewage pumps, pipelines, water collection tanks, and intelligent water pump monitoring systems. Collect the connections below the water level or away from the urban drainage pipes through the collection tank. Centralized treatment of sewage, lifting and pumping to the main tank of the urban pollution system. The sealed sewage lifting pump station device is suitable for pipeline wastewater. The toilet sewage is below the liquid level of the sewer pipe. The integrated sewage lifting pump station can be widely used in various residential buildings, villa basements, office buildings, underground shopping malls, parking lots and underground subway stations.

tank level monitoring system
Function description of monitoring system of sewage pumping station

Through the input type liquid level sensor and ultrasonic liquid level sensor installed in the collecting tank or sewage tank. Transmit the detected sensor data to the intelligent monitoring cabinet. The intelligent monitoring cabinet has logic control functions and edge computing functions. According to the collected liquid level data and automatic control process. Automatically control the sewage pump to achieve automatic control. A flow meter can also be installed to monitor the instantaneous flow of sewage. Total flow data. Upload to the cloud sewage monitoring platform through the intelligent monitoring cabinet. Realize remote data monitoring and data recording.

The automatic liquid level control part automatically controls the start and stop of the water pump according to the installed ultrasonic/input liquid level sensor to monitor the water level of the sump. Automatic pumping at high water level. Automatically shut off the pump when the water level is low. The water pump rotation control automatically calculates the working time of the main water pump and the standby pump. Realize the automatic rotation of the water pumps and standby for each other. It can also realize the alternate start and stop of the water injection pump and the standby pump. Protect the life of the pump. The fault recognition automatic control system detects the running state of the water pump and the fault feedback signal. When the main water pump or the backup pump fails. Realize the automatic operation of the main pump and the standby pump switch. Ensure the normal operation of the sewage treatment system. At the same time, it actively pushes alarm information to the administrator. Deal with water pump failure in time.

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