How important are soil moisture sensors for farms?

Soil moisture sensors play a key role on farms. With the shortage of water resources,the country to reform the price of water, agricultural water costs have been rising is a constant fact.

Despite this, many growers produce sub-optimal products due to poor irrigation management.

It is not easy for a qualified grower to understand crops better than crops.

But what would it mean if growers could monitor soil moisture on their farms?

By monitoring soil moisture, growers can optimize water use, improve product quality, reduce unnecessary water use and save a lot of money.

It helps growers make sound irrigation decisions and achieve optimal cost effectiveness.

soil moisture sensor
New attempt in planting management

In Hebei, The Nongwang Cooperative owns 200 mu of carrot plantations, which master Kong grows.

The acceptance quality standard of carrots is set by Master Kong. Growers must provide carrots according to the quality requirements, so they often face a certain elimination rate.

Individual farmers lack a good tillage management mechanism, which may easily lead to high or insufficient water content of carrots. Facing master Kong’s high standard of quality control. They suffer serious losses due to the uneven quality of carrots every year.

soil moisture sensor
The reason for the unsatisfactory quality of carrots is improper irrigation management.

If soil moisture can be monitored, it will help growers understand the actual soil moisture status and how much they need to grow their crops.

The soil moisture sensor can make reasonable irrigation decisions based on the changes of water in the soil, such as when to irrigate and how much water to irrigate, so as to avoid the phenomenon of over-irrigation or under-irrigation.

soil moisture sensor
Soil moisture curve – a powerful planting management tool

When soil moisture sensors are installed in the planting area, real-time soil moisture data can be seen on the phone.

Through the change of soil moisture data, the root water absorption law of crops can be studied and the real-time growth state of crops can be learned.

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