Met stations intelligent agro-meteorological station design


The intelligent agricultural weather station conducts real-time monitoring based on accurate met stations. Use cloud computing, data mining and other technologies for multi-level analysis. Improve the ability of agricultural production to respond to natural environmental risks. Make the disadvantaged traditional agriculture a highly efficient substitute industry. To promote agricultural development. Jingxunchangtong smart agricultural weather station can be widely used in various fields of agriculture such as smart greenhouses. Used with soil sensor and Jingxun PTZ. Jointly promote the efficiency of agricultural production.

met stations
Design content of intelligent agricultural weather station:

The intelligent agricultural weather station is composed of weather sensors, weather data recorders, power supplies, field protective boxes and stainless steel brackets. Sensors such as wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, atmospheric pressure, etc. are special sensors for meteorology. It has the characteristics of high precision and high reliability. The weather data recorder has weather data collection, weather data timing storage, parameter setting, friendly man-machine interface and communication functions.

Features of intelligent agricultural weather station design:

1. The stent adopts all stainless steel stents and is treated with anti-corrosion technology, which is suitable for field operations.

2. It can observe a variety of meteorological elements such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, pressure, rainfall, radiation, illuminance, evaporation, etc. The meteorological sensor can be configured according to user needs.

3. A variety of power supplies. With AC, DC and solar power supply options.

4. Multiple communications. RS232, RS485, RJ45, GPRS, radio station, etc. are available for selection.

5. Support MOD BUS communication and open communication protocol.

6. Support weather function; configurable outdoor LE D weather display screen.

7. Low power consumption, high precision, high reliability, fully realize unattended in the field.

8. Large-capacity data storage, which can store meteorological data for more than one year.

9. A variety of perfect lightning protection designs can effectively protect against lightning.

10. Simple operation, easy installation and remote monitoring.

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