Application of soil fertility sensor


Under the general trend of smart agriculture, people compare with traditional agriculture in the past. Modern agriculture is more conducive to the development of society and the interests of the people. For agricultural planting, the environmental factor that has the greatest impact on plants is the degree of soil nutrition where it is located. A fertile land allows plants to absorb enough nutrients to grow healthily and vigorously. Therefore, how to apply the soil fertility sensor is very important.

The soil is like the foundation of a house to plants. Only when the foundation is well laid can tall buildings be built. If it is a piece of soil without any fertility. Plants cannot absorb any nutrients. Can not be satisfied with their own consumption. It can’t survive normally, and it will wither soon. The nutrients in the soil cannot be detected directly by our human eyes. This requires us to learn to use technology to help us do things that cannot be done.

soil fertility sensor
soil fertility sensor
Application of soil sensor

With the rapid development of smart agriculture, my country’s science and technology has been doing various researches in the agricultural field. According to the needs of agriculture, make some equipment and systems that are convenient for people to manage agriculture. Such as three-in-one soil sensor, portable soil detection instrument, soil environment monitoring sensor, etc. are for agricultural planting. Special equipment for measuring soil data of farmland. You can also check the data of a piece of soil in advance to see if it meets the needs of plant growth. Relevant agricultural planting is being carried out. The three-in-one soil sensor is realized through the Internet of Things technology. When it measures soil data, the sensor transmits the collected data back to the terminal. The integration is displayed on the display screen, so that it is convenient for people to watch. Let people intuitively feel and understand these data.

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