Soil conductivity sensor to make fertility further


The generosity of soil gives plants a unique sense of belonging. So it is very suitable for the growth and planting of various plants. As a large agricultural country, we are planting large amounts of crops. There are higher requirements for the various conditions of the soil, such as the electrical conductivity and pH value of the soil. All of them can greatly improve the growth of crops. Let’s talk about the application of soil conductivity sensor.

soil conductivity sensor
soil conductivity sensor
Application of conductivity sensor

The soil conductivity detector can intuitively detect the level of conductivity in the soil, and how does the conductivity in the soil improve and help the production of plants? Soil conductivity has a certain effect on fertility. The electrical conductivity of the soil can reflect certain moisture conditions. The salt content in the soil. It can affect the conversion, existence and availability of nutrients in the soil. It is also a threshold that limits the activity of plants and microorganisms. Under certain circumstances, the soil for fertilization of crops can be more nutritious. Let plants get a more suitable living environment.

Soil conductivity is a guide for soil fertilization, which is equivalent to certain conditions. It is a high-efficiency fertilizer for fertilizers. It can create a more suitable soil for applying fertilizer to the land to be fertilized. Let it be able to maximize the effect. So it is necessary to know the soil conductivity in advance. Then make reasonable arrangements and rectifications based on their situation. The effect of fertilizer and plant growth are optimized.

Therefore, some specialized instruments and equipment are needed for accurate measurement and detection. The soil electrical conductivity detector is an instrument that can accurately detect the electrical conductivity content in the soil. It also allows people to visually observe the various conditions of the electrical conductivity in the soil. Jingxun’s unobstructed soil EC sensor has high accuracy and fast response. Stable output, less affected by soil salt content, suitable for various soil qualities.

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