Significance of soil water detector


Promote the sustainable development of agriculture and produce high-quality and high-yield agricultural products. It is the fundamental goal of agricultural production, no matter in the feudal society with backward science and technology. Still in today’s advanced science and technology. Relevant departments and ordinary people have made great efforts. Farmer producers through rational fertilization. Pursue high-yield and high-quality agricultural products. Efforts should be made to improve the quality and yield of agricultural products in terms of rational irrigation, pest control, soil testing, and variety cultivation. Among them, soil moisture detection is one of the most important tasks in modern agricultural production. Soil moisture mainly comes from atmospheric precipitation and irrigation water. In addition, there are condensation of water vapor near the ground, rising groundwater levels, and moisture in soil minerals. Below, let us understand the importance of soil water detector.

soil water detector
soil water detector
soil moisture detection

The determination of soil water content can reflect the needs of crops for water, and has important guiding significance for agricultural production. Therefore, the research on the method of soil moisture determination plays a very important role. Soil moisture not only affects the physical properties of the soil. It is related to the dissolution and transfer of nutrients in the soil and the activities of microorganisms. And it is the basic condition for the survival of plants.

Real-time monitoring of soil moisture is carried out by using a soil moisture tester or soil tensiometer. It is helpful to grasp the different requirements of different crops for soil water content in the same period. The same crop has different requirements on soil moisture content in different periods and the influence of soil moisture content on crop yield. Through understanding the soil moisture content in various agricultural measures such as farming, irrigation, and fertilization. It seems particularly important. Especially when planning and designing irrigation and drainage. It is more necessary to grasp the status and dynamics of soil moisture.

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