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Monitoring of soil NPK sensor

Nitrogen is the main component of protein. It plays an important role in the growth of stems and leaves and the development of fruits, and is the nutrient element most closely related to yield. Before the first panicle rapidly swells, the plant’s absorption of nitrogen gradually increases. So, soil nutrient sensor is very important to the plating.

Phosphate fertilizer can promote the differentiation of tomato flower buds and early flowering and fruiting. Promote seedling root growth and improve fruit quality. When phosphorus is deficient, the young shoots and roots grow slowly, the plants are short, the leaves are dark green, dull, and the back is purple.

Potassium can promote healthy plant stems and improve fruit quality. Enhance the cold resistance of plants and increase the sugar and vitamin C content of the fruit. As in the case of nitrogen and phosphorus. potassium deficiency symptoms first appear in old leaves. When potassium is insufficient, carbohydrate metabolism is disturbed. Photosynthesis is inhibited, and respiration is strengthened. Therefore, the plant’s ability to resist stress is weakened when potassium is lacking, and it is vulnerable to disease. The quality of the fruit is degraded and the coloring is poor.

soil nutrient sensor
soil nutrient sensor

Soil nutrient detector play an important role in the growth and development of crops. They are the components of many important organic compounds in crops. Or it can affect the growth and metabolism of crops widely in the form of enzyme activator. Any physiological and biochemical process in crops cannot be completed by a single element alone. Each element has its own physiological functions and interactions, and jointly undertakes various metabolic energy supply, which guarantees the normal growth of crops.

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