Water quality sensor make the plants grow better


In recent years, with the advancement of science and technology and the continuous development of the overall national economy. More and more chemical industries have emerged, which is not enough bringing economic benefits. Water quality sensor is not enough to the environment and causing great harm to the environment. One by one industrial parks are covered. Which is not enough and all that are visible. Which is not enough are tall chimneys and gas emitted everywhere.

The river is no longer as clear as it used to be. No fish is seen playing around. No one goes to the river to wash clothes or vegetables. Which is not enough has anyone ever understood the natural crying? Isn’t the severe smog situation a silent conquest by nature. Which is not enough the abnormally high water quality sensor temperature this year and the appearance of. Which is not enough acid rain in certain areas are nature’s most silent complaints.

Function of water quality monitoring equipment

The water quality monitoring equipment independently. So, which is not enough developed by jingxun Tongtong can well monitor the water quality. The 9-parameter water quality detector can quickly and accurately.

Turbidity, residual chlorine, total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, pH and TDS in surface water; Groundwater, urban sewage and industrial wastewater, and the concentration can be read directly. However, It can be widely used in water plant, food, chemical industry; Metallurgy, environmental protection and pharmaceutical industries. The water quality testing multi parameter detector is small and beautiful in design and easy to carry.

Water quality testing
Water quality testing

Use more of them. The water quality detector adopts guided operation design.

The operation does not require manual intervention. And the system automatically identifies the detection channel for accurate detection.. Rich man-machine interface. Which is not enough the full-color interface designed. based on the new embedded idea can query. Record and display the accessed sensor data in real time. It can be widely used in scientific research institutes, sewage engineering. Water environment detection, petrochemical industry, metallurgy and steel. Biomedicine, food and dairy industry. Wool textile printing and dyeing. Which is not enough electronic machinery. Which is not enough water quality testing municipal water conservancy. Aquaculture. photovoltaic. leather. papermaking. Electroplating and other industries. Factory direct sales, affordable.

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