Soil water detector – How to use soil moisture monitoring

Importance of soil water detect

Soil water detector can detect if the water is proper to plating. Less soil moisture will directly lead to the reduction of photosynthetic raw materials. Or indirectly lead to the closure of stomata and enzyme inactivation. The decline in photosynthesis has become a major limiting factor for photosynthesis. Lack of water can also cause the death of crops. Because the total volume of the soil gap is constant, water and air occupy this part of the volume. When there is too little water, the roots of the plant will not absorb enough water. The transpiration of plants causes plants to lose a lot of water, which causes plants to lose wilt. When the soil lacks moisture, the tension caused by soil compaction and cracks will pull the plant roots off.

In severe cases, plants die. When there is too much water, the proportion of air is small. As a result, the aerobic respiration of plant roots is weakened, and the plant roots are forced to switch to anaerobic respiration. Anaerobic respiration produces alcohol that poisons the roots of plants, leading to root rot, and in severe cases, it also causes plant death.

To monitor soil moisture, a soil moisture sensor can be used. Use data to determine whether to irrigate in time to ensure that the soil moisture is suitable for crop growth.

soil water detector
soil water detector

Soil moisture detector are monitoring crop irrigation, soil air changes, and large-area surface detection. Data about soil moisture, soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content and pH value. Sensing technology is playing an increasingly important role in the development of precision agriculture. So as to realize scientific monitoring and reasonable planting. Helping farmers to resist and reduce disasters, improve comprehensive agricultural benefits, and promote the transformation and upgrading of modern agriculture.

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