Soil sensors for agriculture


Soil is the main material basis for plants to survive. It can provide crops with the necessary water. fertilizer, heat, and air for their growth. This is mainly because the composition of soil includes organic matter. Minerals, soil air and soil moisture, microorganisms. etc. , Minerals are the most basic substances. Which can provide a variety of nutrients to plants. Organic matter can not only provide nutrients to plants. but also play a very important role in improving. Soil aggregate structure and physical and chemical properties. As well as water supply. Water retention, temperature stabilization. And ventilation. What parameters can the soil sensor soil detector detect and what function does it have?

Soil sensors for agriculture

Soil sensors for agriculture will directly (decrease photosynthetic raw materials) or indirectly (close stomata, enzyme inactivation, etc.) to affect the decline of photosynthesis. And become a major limiting factor for photosynthesis. The lack of water can also cause the death of crops, because the total volume of the soil gap is certain, and this part of the volume is occupied by water and air. So when there is too little water, the plant roots will not absorb enough water, and the plant’s transpiration will cause the plant to lose a lot of water, which will cause the plant to lose its wilt. The root system is pulled and broken, causing plant death in severe cases. When there is too much water, the proportion of air is small, causing plant roots to weaken aerobic respiration, and plant roots are forced to turn to anaerobic respiration. Anaerobic respiration produces alcohol poisoning plant roots, causing root rot, and in severe cases, plant death.

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