soil sensor

Automatic soil loosening and soil temperature and moisture sensor can improve the soil condition in time according to demand


Soil sensor-The most important effect of smart agriculture solutions is that they can deal with problems in agricultural planting more timely and accurately than manual labor.
After all, people cannot always squat in the field to check the condition of the soil, but the soil moisture sensor, soil pH sensor, soil fertilizer sensor, and soil moisture sensor that make up the smart agricultural system can stay in the cultivated land without leaving.

soil sensor
soil sensor
Soil sensors and smart agriculture

These soil sensors can immediately know the changes in soil conditions, and then these sensors can transmit relevant information to the smart cloud platform. The cloud platform will integrate the relevant information. And then form effective data and analysis conclusions, which are transmitted to the growers. On mobile phones and computers, let the grower start relevant processing work. or directly issue orders to the smart agricultural machine connected to it. So that the agricultural machine can start to do farm work immediately.
Soil loosening is of course also an important factor in improving soil conditions. After all, soil compaction will affect the effects of irrigation and fertilization. And will also reduce the rate of oxygen infiltration into the soil. Which will result in hypoxia in plant roots, leading to root rot and other symptoms.

There are also many fully automatic soil loosening equipment. But these loosening equipment still have some rigid requirements during use. Simply put, it is best to plant the crops at the same distance. So that these equipment can be fixed according to a fixed distance. Movement trajectory to complete the work of loosening the soil. If the planting distance of the crops is not the same, it will be bad. The soil loosening agricultural machinery may dig out the crops. Which will cause unnecessary losses.
Therefore, if you want to make full use of the benefits of soil loosening equipment, you should make corresponding preparations at the planting stage of the crop.

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