Soil PH tester – Soil PH tachometer



Product introduction:

Soil pH refers to the current pH of the soil, which plays an important role in plant growth. Plants can grow normally over a wide range, but all plants have a suitable pH. Reasonable control of soil pH value is beneficial to the healthy growth of crops. Soil PH tester has high precision, fast measuring speed, stable output, can be widely used in all kinds of soil.

Scope of application

It is widely used in scientific experiments, water-saving irrigation, greenhouse, flowers and vegetables, grassland and pasture, soil rapid measurement, plant culture, sewage treatment, grain storage and measurement of water content, conductivity and temperature of all kinds of particles.

Product details:

Parameter is introduced:

Power supply: DC3.7V lithium battery
Reporting interval: 1 to 1000 minutes This parameter is configurable
Moisture measurement range: 0-100%
Storage environment: -45 ° C to 115 ° C
Moisture accuracy: ±3% in the range of 0-53% / ±5% in the range of 53-100%
Temperature measurement range: -40℃-80℃
Temperature accuracy: ±0.5℃

Features introduced:

1) Wolangbao series sensor product collection sensor detection and data reporting are two in one, the customer only needs to deploy one sensor without deploying additional equipment to realize the monitoring function.
2) The use of built-in battery power, a battery can be used for more than 3 years, 3 years without maintenance and charging, convenient field deployment. Replace the battery when it expires.
3) The product adopts high sensitive digital probe, stable detection signal, high precision, with wide measuring range, good alignment, good waterproof performance, easy to use, easy to install.

Matters needing attention

1. All probes must be inserted into the soil during measurement.
2. Pay attention to lightning protection when using in the field.
3, do not force to bend the probe, force to pull the sensor lead, do not force to hit or hit the sensor.
4, due to the presence of radio frequency electromagnetic radiation in the air, should not be in the air for a long time to maintain the energized state.


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