Portable Soil EC Detector – Conductivity monitoring with display screen



Product introduction:

Portable Soil EC Detector adopts the latest digital integrated circuit technology and the internationalization of detection technology design and become a new intelligent handheld detector, the large size full color LCD display, can display real-time readings and, at the same time, USES the international companies digital chip design detection circuit, can achieve very high sensitivity and good repeatability. The shell is made of industrial high strength composite plastic, with a good sense of strength. The shape of the sensor is hand-held design, convenient for users to carry, with good corrosion resistance, strength and toughness series characteristics.

Product parameters:

Power supply: 12V DC, 2500MA.h (standard)
Display mode: 2.8 inch liquid crystal display
Communication mode: USB (read, see DB9 interface description for details)
Data storage: 4MB storage (standard configuration)
Operating temperature: -20℃~50℃
Operating humidity: 0~90% (relative humidity), no condensation
Communication protocol: Modbus serial communication protocol

Product details:

Portable Soil EC Detector Introduction Manual


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