Portable Soil moisture detector – Moisture monitor with display screen



Product description:

JXCT Portable Soil Moisture Detector can be connected to various Soil sensors through a plug-in and can be completed in a few seconds, which is very simple. You can freely set the alarm value, measurement limit, equipment address and other parameters of the handheld soil data recorder.

This detector is widely used in petrochemical, environmental protection, metallurgy, mining, agriculture, experiment, surveying and mapping and other industries.

Product details:

Product Features:

1. Multi-function keys, such as: single point record, start/stop record
2.Switch with a variety of units
3.Rich man-machine interface, full-color interface designed based on the latest embedded ideas, can query, record and display data in real time
4. Data display method, individual digital + instrument display, multiple measurement data set display, optional real-time curve display.
5.Select the data storage function. It supports 4MB data storage function. Data can be exported to the computer through Excel, and printing, editing, icon display functions, etc.

Portable Soil Moisture Detector Introduction Manual


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