Portable Soil Detector Soil Moisture NPK EC PH Detector with display


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Portable Soil Detector is a smart handheld Soil data recorder. Usually used with different soil sensors, such as soil moisture sensor, soil temperature and humidity sensor, soil three-in-one sensor, soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium sensor, soil ph sensor or multi-depth soil hygrometer. The soil analyzer can store 100W of data at a time. Built-in rechargeable battery, reusable, cost-effective. The soil analyzer comes with its own suitcase, which can be carried around and has high mobility. This is a very worthy purchase of soil testing equipment.

Portable Soil Detector features:

1.JXCT portable soil detector is very simple to use. Connect the soil sensor, insert the probe into the soil, the display screen can directly display the measurement results, simple and convenient, low cost of measurement, measurement speed.

2. The soil analyzer is designed to be compact and lightweight, and can be easily put into the toolbox. Connected to our 7 in 1 soil sensor, it simultaneously measures soil temperature, humidity, pH, conductivity, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

3, large color display screen, convenient for users to read. Mass storage Stores up to 1,000,000 pieces of data at a time.

4, measurement data can be exported to computer through USB interface, convenient for users to view and export historical data.

5, rechargeable soil analyzer uses built-in lithium battery, standby time more than 8 hours.

6. All-english interface, the whole machine is guaranteed for one year.

Product parameters:

Temperature measuring range -40 to 80℃
Moisture measuring range 0-100%RH
PH measuring range 3-9PH
NPK measuring range 0-1999mg/kg
EC measuring range 0-10000us/cm
Temperature precision ±0.5℃
Moisture precision ±3% reading
PH precision ±0.3PH
EC precision ±3% reading
NPK precision ±3% reading

Product details:

Equipment advantages:

The handheld soil data recorder is connected to various soil sensors through plug-ins. It is very simple to complete in a few seconds. You can set alarm value, upper and lower limit of measurement, equipment address and other parameters of handheld soil data recorder freely. The soil data recorder is available in Both Chinese and English for the convenience of customers.

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Temperature measuring range

-40 to 80℃

Moisture measuring range


PH measuring range


NPK measuring range


EC measuring range


Temperature precision


Moisture precision

±3% reading

PH precision


EC precision

±3% reading

NPK precision

±3% reading


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