What is the total solar radiation sensor


With the progress of science and technology, people gradually deepen the understanding of solar radiation, through the total solar radiation sensor.

In order to improve the utilization rate of total solar radiation, make it play a greater role.

In industry, total solar radiation is monitored by using total solar radiation sensor.

And according to the size of its strength, make a reasonable plan.

What is the total solar radiation? What is the total radiation sensor?


The total solar radiation is the sum of the direct and scattered solar radiation received on the horizontal surface of a certain observation point on the earth’s surface.

The total solar radiation consists of direct solar radiation intensity and scattered solar radiation.

Direct solar radiation: Solar radiation that reaches the surface directly in the direction of projection after being weakened by atmospheric scattering and absorption.

Solar scattered radiation: part of the solar radiation that reaches the earth’s surface from various angles in the sky when it passes through the atmosphere and is scattered by gases, dust and aerosols in the atmosphere.

So in industry and production, how do we monitor and use the total solar radiation through the total solar radiation sensor.

total solar radiation sensor
Product Introduction:

Total solar radiation detector, for the principle of thermoelectric effect.

The induction element is a wound electroplated multi-contact thermopile with high absorptivity black coating on its surface.

The hot contact is on the induction surface, and the cold node is located in the body, and the hot and cold contact produces the thermoelectric potential.

In the linear range, the output signal is proportional to the solar irradiance.

In order to reduce the impact of temperature is equipped with temperature compensation circuit, in order to prevent the impact of the environment on its performance, the glass cover is through precision optical cold processing grinding.

The instrument is used to measure total solar radiation in the spectral range of 0.3 to 3μm, and can also be used to measure solar radiation incident on an inclined plane.

Such as induction face down can be measured reflected radiation, such as masked halo can be measured scattered radiation.

Therefore, it can be widely used in solar energy utilization, meteorology, agriculture, building materials aging and air pollution and other departments to do solar radiation energy measurement.

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