Chlorophyll detector detects chlorophyll content in water


The concentration of chlorophyll represents the concentration of algae in the water, which can be detected by a chlorophyll detector.

The concentration of algae can reflect the degree of eutrophication, that is, the degree of water pollution.

Therefore, chlorophyll level is an important indicator of water environment, and chlorophyll is closely related to ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, pH and total organic carbon of water solution.

Cyanobacteria, especially microcystis, are the main indicators of eutrophication in fresh water. The eruption indicates that the water body is highly eutrophicated (excess of fertilizer and water).

In China, due to the rapid economic development and excessive exploitation and utilization of lake resources in recent decades, a large amount of nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients are discharged into the lake with industrial wastewater and domestic sewage.

This results in excess and eutrophication of nutrients in the lake.

JXCT chlorophyll optical water quality sensor, sewage monitoring, effective monitoring of chlorophyll blue green algae content in water.

Chlorophyll detector
Product Introduction:

Chlorophyll detector are standard industrial output instruments for detecting chlorophyll concentrations.

It has the advantages of high precision, good stability and convenient use.

The chlorophyll sensor has a robust structure and stable sensor performance, which can be used online for a long time without maintenance and frequent calibration.

Can be used in rivers, lakes, ponds, Marine surveys, aquaculture, drinking water sources, algae and phytoplankton need to determine chlorophyll occasions.

Matters needing attention:

Connect cables correctly. Incorrect cable connections may burn the device.

Chlorophyll detector should avoid contact with organic solvents, paints, oils, alcohol and high concentrations of gases, including silica gel and other adhesives.

By default, the factory provides 4.8 meters of wire, which can be extended by custom.

There are no yellow lines in the line sequence that may be provided in some factory batches. In this case, the gray line can replace the yellow line.

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