Chlorophyll Blue-green Algae Detector


Water quality chlorophyll and blue-green algae detector can effectively monitor the content of chlorophyll and blue-green algae in water. It is suitable for sewage treatment plants, drinking water, aquaculture, chlorophyll detection, blue-green algae, industrial production and other fields.

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Chlorophyll Blue-green Algae Detector-water quality sensor


The chlorophyll (blue-green algae) water quality analyzer uses the characteristic that chlorophyll (blue-green algae) has absorption peaks and emission peaks in the spectrum, and emits monochromatic light in the spectrum absorption peak of chlorophyll (blue-green algae) to irradiate the water , The chlorophyll (blue-green algae) in the water absorbs the energy of monochromatic light, and releases a monochromatic light with another wavelength emission peak. The light intensity emitted by chlorophyll (blue-green algae) is proportional to the content of chlorophyll (blue-green algae) in the water. Proportional.


(1)Automatic cleaning: effectively eliminate bubbles and dirt to reduce the influence of dirt on the measurement.
(2)Temperature compensation function: automatic temperature compensation, automatic calibration data with high accuracy and precision.
(3)Double-standard fixed thread: The prefabricated thread is more convenient to install and fix, and the double-standard prefab can meet the different needs of use.
(4)Automatically hang in the water: the product comes with a stainless steel plug that can hang in the water all the time, and the data is accurate. The product line core is made of high-precision copper, and the outer skin is flexible and resistant to bending, tensile and wear resistance. The longer the product line length, the deeper the depth in the water.
(5)Fluorescence detection: Use the fluorescence that reflects the characteristics of the substance, which can reflect the characteristics of the substance when the substance is in an excited state after being irradiated by ultraviolet light, to detect blue-green algae in the water. Detect blue-green algae when there are many algae in the water.

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Measuring range

0-400ug/L or 0-100RFU



Protection level




Power supply


Power dissipation


Installation method

Sinking installation

Deepest depth

20 meters underwater

Temperature range



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