Electrochemical NO2 gas sensor in nox pollution control


Nitrogen dioxide gas concentration can be measured by electrochemical NO2 gas sensor.

On the one hand, under certain conditions, nitrogen dioxide can combine with hydrocarbons in the air to form photochemical smog.

Damage the air quality of the atmosphere environment, seriously harm people’s health, so that people rely on the air environment is polluted.

Sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides, on the other hand, are major contributors to acid rain.

Motor vehicles are one of the most important sources of nitrogen oxide emissions, contributing up to 74% of atmospheric nitrogen oxide concentrations.

Nitrogen dioxide is so harmful that even brief exposure can impair lung function.

If exposed to no2 for long periods of time, the chances of respiratory infections are greatly increased and can lead to permanent organic lung disease.


If it spreads with the wind, it will cause irreparable damage to the living and ecological environment of nearby residents.

Therefore, the prevention and control of NO2 pollution is a very important and huge systematic project, which requires the joint efforts of individuals and countries.

Industrial waste gas should be treated from technical transformation, recycling and other aspects, strictly implement emission standards, ensure “treatment before discharge”, control the emission time of waste gas, and reduce nitrogen dioxide emissions.

Application of electrochemical nitrogen dioxide sensor:

Finally, on nitrogen oxide pollution prevention and control is certainly indispensable to the concentration of nitrogen dioxide in the environment monitoring.

Here, JXCT suggests using the corresponding gas sensor for detection, such as the electrochemical NO2 gas sensor independently developed by Jingxun.

Electrochemical NO2 gas sensor

Electrochemical NO2 gas sensor adopts electrochemical principle and has the characteristics of low price, high performance, low cost and small size.

It is ideal for health, environmental, industrial and residential monitoring, air quality monitoring, air purification control, etc.

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