Carbon dioxide gas transmitter in schools


School is very important, it concerns the future development of the whole country. Carbon dioxide gas transmitter will also be used.

Schools may be built in distant places, or in busy city centers. No matter where they are, schools will face an important problem, that is, air quality.

Schools are places where large crowds gather, and the crowds are all growing students. Some schools are inevitably surrounded by factories and other construction, which will cause serious air pollution.

And even in schools with good atmospheric conditions, there can be a trace of “pollution.” There are so many students in the classroom, everyone is exhaling co2, everyone is walking back and forth.

Once the air becomes stagnant, people will face the problem of lack of oxygen and dust. Therefore, timely monitoring of these pollution is very important.

The carbon dioxide gas transmitter independently developed by JXCT can monitor carbon dioxide very well. The school is the flowers of the motherland, can be well protected!

What areas of the school should be monitored? Indoor areas: classrooms, libraries, offices, dormitories, etc.

These are places where students are concentrated and stay for a long time. It is necessary to conduct air quality monitoring and gas monitoring.

carbon dioxide gas transmitter

JXCT is a professional gas sensor supplier, independent research and development of all kinds of gas sensors, gas alarm, combustible gas detector, toxic and harmful gas detector.

Design professional gas monitoring solutions, support solution customization, to meet customer needs.

Carbon dioxide gas alarm controller fixed installation, 24 hours a day online real-time acquisition of gas concentration changes in the environment.

The signal is converted into electrical signal and transmitted to the supporting controller, which displays the corresponding gas concentration and other states of the detector instantaneously, and outputs corresponding instructions to control the external equipment in time.

Carbon dioxide gas alarm controller is used by carbon dioxide gas transmitter and host.

Carbon dioxide gas alarm controller used in petroleum chemical industry, industrial production, smelting, forging, electric power, coal mine, tunnel engineering, environmental monitoring, wastewater treatment, biological, pharmaceutical, household environmental protection, animal husbandry and aquaculture, greenhouse cultivation, warehousing logistics, brewing fermentation, agricultural production, fire, gas, building construction, municipal enterprises, school laboratory, research center and other industries.

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