weather station for home

weather station for home Weather station equipment is based on usage. Installation and accuracy can be divided into. Portable weather station, ultrasonic weather station, highway weather station. Forest fire danger weather station and campus weather station. Agricultural weather station, photovoltaic weather station. Scenic weather station, community weather station. The data services of weather stations mainly include climate data and weather data. Climatic data are all kinds of original climate data observed by meteorological monitoring instruments. Weather data is the original data for analyzing and predicting weather phenomena. These data are collected and uploaded to the weather station. It is sorted out and reviewed by the observation staff of the weather station.

Report and archive. It is stored as historical data in the record file of the weather station for a long time. It is widely used in various scientific researches and services. The weather station equipment is in accordance with the meteorological observation standards of the International Meteorological WMO Organization. A multi-element automatic observation station developed and produced by research. It can monitor air temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. Conventional meteorological elements such as wind speed and wind direction. weather station for home There are functions such as automatic recording, over-limit alarm and data communication. The automatic observation station consists of meteorological sensors and meteorological data recorders. The weather environment monitoring software consists of three parts. It is widely used in industrial and agricultural production and tourism. Scientific research, meteorology and other urban environmental monitoring and other professional fields.

Features of weather station equipment:

1. Low-power collector: static power consumption is less than 50uA   

2, GPRS networking, support extended RJ45 networking   

3. Support extended sensor remote transmission, lora transparent transmission within 30km, and IoT card transmission beyond 30km   

4, support LED screen display maximum compatible 32768px   

5. Support extended Android screen display, storage, extended Android screen support 2G data storage, U disk data export   

6, support modbus485 sensor expansion   

7, solar charge management MPPT automatic power point tracking   

8, optional 2000mah-24Ah battery   

9. Supporting IoT data display, storage, and analysis platform

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