weather station for schools

Weather station for schools Hand-held weather station for schools is easy to carry. easy to use. A portable meteorological observation instrument that integrates multiple meteorological elements. The system uses imported precision sensors and smart chips. It can accurately measure the five meteorological elements of wind direction, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity at the same time. The built-in large-capacity FLASH memory chip can store meteorological data for at least one year. Universal USB communication interface. The data can be downloaded to the computer using the provided USB cable. It is convenient for users to further process and analyze meteorological data. This instrument can be widely used in meteorology, environmental protection, airports, agriculture and forestry, hydrology, military, storage, scientific research and other fields.

Weather stations can meet the growing demand for real-time on-site weather information. Accurate data can help organizations make major decisions about weather conditions that affect safety and operations. Traditional meteorological instruments are composed of several sensors and wind cups. This is easy to crack and the data accuracy is not good at low wind speeds. The weather station contains seven sensors. Not necessarily missing, it is a compact instrument.

It has powerful networking capabilities. The local area network or wireless network can be used for networked data monitoring. The local area network can be configured using Modem, optical fiber network, wireless router, etc. The wireless network can be divided into short-distance wireless transmission according to the communication distance. There are three wireless transmission methods: medium-distance wireless transmission and long-distance wireless transmission. Usually, two transmission modes, GPRS or GSM, are used. The main game is suitable for sending and receiving data between different cities.

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