Characteristics and applications of UV sensors

UV sensor background:

The five senses of human beings are “sensors” with very complex and sensitive functions. However, most of the five human senses can only perceive external information qualitatively, but not quantitatively. Such as infrared and ultraviolet spectroscopy. Ultraviolet rays mainly refer to light invisible to the naked eye other than purple in the visible rays of the sun. The equipment used to monitor ultraviolet light is an ultraviolet sensor, which can be integrated on a weather station. It is a commonly used meteorological instruments.

Introduction of UV sensor:

The meteorological instruments ultraviolet radiation sensor adopts a photoelectric detector to receive the electric signal of ultraviolet light wave. Ultraviolet sensor is an instrument used to measure solar ultraviolet radiation (UAβ wavelength range) in the atmosphere. The UV sensor can be used in conjunction with the data acquisition instrument to provide UV index and UV erythema measurement. The impact of UV on the human body and the special biological and chemical effects of UV.

UV sensor features:

The UV sensor has a built-in hardcover probe, waterproof strip, and 4-core waterproof shielded cable. Data measurement is accurate, high precision, and good stability. The UV sensor adopts a metal shell, which is waterproof and moisture-proof. Strong corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, long service life, and not easy to age. The installation of the ultraviolet sensor is free of wiring, low power consumption, and wireless transmission lines. The ultraviolet sensor supports active data upload, and the measurement is accurate. Free cloud platform, strong anti-interference, data can be checked at any time.


Ultraviolet sensors are widely used in environmental monitoring, weather monitoring, agriculture and forestry and other environmental monitoring. As well as research on erythema dose caused by sun exposure, comprehensive environmental and ecological effects, climate change, and ultraviolet monitoring and forecasting.

meteorological instruments
meteorological instruments

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