The role of soil pH sensor in flower planting

As we all know, soil is the basic element of plant growth and development. The condition of the soil is directly related to the growth of plants. Soil pH directly affects the absorption of plant nutrients and the growth and development of flowers and plants. And different plants have different requirements for pH. For example, the suitable soil pH range for apples is 5.3~8.2, and the best range is 5.4~6.8.

When the soil pH exceeds the optimal range. The increase or decrease of pH value is not conducive to the growth and development of plants. Soil pH sensor is also called soil pH sensor. It can detect the pH of the soil in real time and judge that the pH of the soil is not suitable for the growth of flowers. Adjust PH to improve the growth conditions of flowers.

growth and development - Soil pH sensor
growth and development – Soil pH sensor

In the process of flower planting, the pH data is usually detected by a soil pH detector. It can judge the health of the soil. To provide scientific basis for flower breeding and cultivation, many flowers like acid soil. If the flowers that prefer acid soil are planted in alkaline soil. Will affect the effect of floriculture, such as flower jasmine. I like the growth environment of acidic soil. If it grows in alkaline soil, problems such as rotten roots are prone to occur.

How to adjust flower soil pH
  1. To reduce soil acidity, add quicklime, soda lime, hydrated lime, etc. can be used.
  2. To reduce soil alkalinity, sulfur powder can be used;
  3. Aluminum sulfate (alum); add ferrous sulfate and other applications to rot.

Humic fertilizer contains more humic acid, which can adjust the pH of the soil to make it neutral. Not only the soil pH is related to the growth of flowers, but the lack of soil moisture directly leads to the decline of photosynthesis and biological processes of any plant. Soil moisture sensors can monitor soil moisture in real time and protect the growth of flowers.

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