Water leakage monitoring and alarm water immersion sensor

Water leak alarm background

In recent years, water leaks from underground warehouses have occurred from time to time. This also reflects that many warehouses are not doing well in leak prevention. Warehouses are storage places, and goods are assets. Ensuring the safety of warehouse goods is the main task of warehouse management. Leaking water in the warehouse will not only cause damage to the goods, but also seriously affect the walls and floors if it is not handled in time. This will increase the difficulty and cost of subsequent maintenance. The temperature and humidity sensor is very important to monitor the humidity in the warehouse in time, and the water leak monitor monitors whether there is water leakage.

The accidental water pipe broke. Leaks in the floor and basement. Leaks in air conditioners and washing machines, and forgetting to turn off the faucet, pose hidden dangers to household safety. The water leak monitor can detect water leaks in time. The hazards are dealt with in time at the beginning of the occurrence, which greatly reduces potential safety hazards.With temperature and humidity sensor, it can detect humidity more effectively.

Introduction to flooding alarm

The main function of the Jingxun Changtong flood alarm is to monitor whether there is water leakage and overflow/leakage at the scene. The water leakage alarm adopts the AC impedance measurement method. The electrode has a long service life and will not cause oxidation problems. It has the advantages of high sensitivity, good stability, and high reliability.

Flooding alarm application

It can be widely used in communication base stations, hotels, restaurants, computer rooms, libraries, archives, warehouses, equipment cabinets and other places that require water to alarm. The emergence of water leak monitor has changed the traditional way of relying on manual inspection. Make leakage monitoring economical and intelligent. Greatly save labor costs. And improve the reliability of information. With the development of the Internet of Things, more and more water-immersed sensors are used in homes and warehouses.

water leak monitor
water leak monitor

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