Tempest weather station to watch wind and rain


Rainfall from the sky to the ground, the depth of the water layer that accumulates on the ground without evaporation, infiltration, or loss is called rainfall (in millimeters). The rainfall can be expressed intuitively. The amount of rainfall directly affects the growth of crops and people’s travel. However, too much or too little precipitation can easily cause natural disasters. Thereby threatening people’s lives and property safety. Flood prevention and drought relief are major issues related to the life safety of the party and the people and social stability. Only by making good precipitation forecasts can we scientifically prevent floods and droughts. Therefore, it is essential to use tempest weather station to strengthen the emergency monitoring of daily rainfall.

Introduction to Rain Gauge Station:

Tempest weather station is a new type of rainfall monitoring equipment that can monitor data such as total rainfall/instantaneous rainfall/24-hour rainfall. It integrates information collection, transmission, analysis, and early warning. Through real-time monitoring of rainfall, timely and accurate upload and release of early warning information. Predict the probability of occurrence of drought and flood disasters. Enable the affected areas to take timely measures to minimize personnel and property losses.

Features of rainfall station:

The rainfall monitoring station can monitor the total rainfall/instantaneous rainfall/24-hour rainfall. The rainfall monitoring station has a wealth of alarm functions. Functions such as instantaneous rainfall alarm and total rainfall alarm can be set. It can also be used with a geological monitor. It is convenient to monitor natural disasters such as mountain torrents, mudslides and landslides. The rainfall monitoring station uses a large-capacity battery for solar power supply system. The battery can be used for one week under continuous rainy weather (when fully charged). The rainfall monitoring station supports a variety of customized sensors to meet your various needs for environmental detection.

Application range of tempest weather station:

Rainfall monitoring stations can be widely used in meteorology, flood control, agriculture, hydrology and water conservancy, environmental protection, highways, airports, ports and other fields. It can provide relevant departments with raw data for measuring precipitation, precipitation intensity, precipitation time and other parameters. It can also provide water regime management for flood control, water supply dispatching, power stations and reservoirs. Provide real-time data with reference value.

tempest weather station
tempest weather station

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