Illumination sensor in intelligent agriculture


With the development of intelligent agriculture in the Internet of things, many agricultural sensors appear in agricultural environmental monitoring, among which illumination sensor is a more important one.

The sensor measures the intensity of light, which affects photosynthesis and, in turn, crop yields.

In smart agricultural planting, the illumination sensor can detect the information of illumination intensity during the growth of crops.

The illuminance sensor allows technicians to measure the data to determine whether the illumination needs to be increased or decreased.

So that the light intensity can reach the best growth configuration of crops, improve the rate of photosynthesis of crops, improve the yield of crops.

Illuminance sensor

Illuminance sensor is a kind of sensor that converts illuminance into electrical signal, and the output numerical unit of measurement is Lux.

Light is an indispensable condition for photosynthesis. Under certain conditions, when the light intensity increases, the intensity of photosynthesis will also increase.

But when the light intensity exceeds the limit, the stomata in the leaf surface of the plant will close, and the intensity of photosynthesis will decrease. Therefore, using illuminance sensor to control illuminance has become an important factor affecting crop yield.

Sensors are widely used in agricultural greenhouses, flower cultivation and other occasions that need illumination and temperature and humidity monitoring. The input power supply, induction probe and signal output are completely isolated.

Safe and reliable, beautiful appearance, easy installation. Using analog output in the form of flexible, can output current type or voltage type, wiring can be made of three wire or four wire system.


Illuminance sensor adopts high sensitivity photosensitive probe, signal stability, high precision.

It has the characteristics of wide measuring range, good linear shape, good waterproof performance, easy to use, easy to install, long transmission distance and so on. It is widely used in intelligent agriculture.

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