Portable handheld soil detector

A handheld soil detector developed and designed by Jingxunchangtong. Using the latest digital integrated circuit technology and international detection technology to design a brand new intelligent handheld soil detector.

The detector uses a large-size full-color LCD display that can display the readings in real time. At the same time, the detection circuit designed by the digital chip of an international manufacturer is used. Can achieve very high sensitivity and excellent repeatability. The shell is made of industrial-specific high-strength composite plastic, which has high strength and good hand feeling.

Portable soil detector uses the latest digital integrated circuit technology. Designed with international detection technology to become a brand-new intelligent hand-held detector.


For example: single point recording, start/stop recording, with multiple unit switching;

Rich man-machine interface, full-color interface designed based on the latest embedded ideas. Can query, record and display data in real time;

Data display mode, separate number + meter display. A variety of measurement data collection display, optional real-time curve display;

Optional data storage function, support 4MB data storage function. You can export data to a computer through Excel, and perform printing, editing, and icon display functions.

Product advantages

Large-screen display, large-capacity storage, diversified key functions;

The zero drift is small and the repeatability is good;

Automatic alarm/elimination function;

Low power consumption, long life, high sensitivity, fast response speed;

One-click data export, convenient and quick;

The product has passed various tests and has strong anti-interference ability;

Support cloud data reporting.

Introduction to Jingxun Cloud

Jingxun Cloud, a universal IoT cloud platform developed by Jingxun Changtong. Based on industry solutions, it solves the problem of traditional cloud platforms that emphasize linking but not experience. Upgrade the front-end display effect and style on the basis of links, and integrate more than ten industry interface templates. It is an IoT system that integrates solutions, data collection, early warning release, remote control, and data analysis. Jingxun Cloud provides functions such as data recording, query, export, and comparison. Mainly at the application layer to provide customers with one-stop joining services.

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