Illumination sensor of weather station device


Sunlight is a necessary condition for plant growth. Light intensity has an important influence on the growth rate and morphology of plants. Regular light can promote plant dormancy, and long-day light usually promotes vegetative growth. In other words, everything depends on the sun to grow. Flowers that rely on the sun for photosynthesis are no exception. Light plays an important role in the photosynthesis of flowers. In modern agriculture, there are many weather station device used in the flower cultivation of smart greenhouses. The illuminance sensor is one of the more important sensors. The illuminance sensor measures the light intensity. Different types of flowers require different light intensity and duration each day. This can control the lighting time and intensity according to the flower’s habits.

Introduction to light sensor

The illuminance sensor is a kind of weather station device. It can be integrated on the weather station with sensors such as temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction. A sensor that converts the magnitude of the illuminance into an electrical signal, and the unit of measurement for the output value is Lux. Light is an indispensable condition for photosynthesis. Under certain conditions, when the light intensity increases. The intensity of photosynthesis will also increase. But when the light intensity exceeds the limit. The stomata on the leaf surface of the plant will close, and the intensity of photosynthesis will decrease. Therefore, the use of illuminance sensors to control illuminance has become an important factor affecting crop yields.

Jingxun Changtong illuminance sensor is widely used in intelligent agriculture, flower cultivation and other occasions that require illuminance and temperature and humidity monitoring. The sensor is safe and reliable, beautiful in appearance and easy to install. It has a compact size and is easy to install. The shell structure design is reasonable and the service life is long. The illuminance sensor is not afraid of harsh environments. It can be used in harsh environments such as high temperature and humidity, dust, rain and snow. The measurement accuracy is high, the stability is good, and the transmission distance is long. The ability to resist external interference is strong, and the illuminance sensor supports a variety of transmission methods. Support wireless transmission, no wiring, low power consumption, stable performance. The illuminance sensor can be used with the cloud platform to view data and alarms at any time.

weather station device
weather station device

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