ambient weather station


The purpose of observation of greenhouse microclimate is to understand the meteorological effects of greenhouse measures. The microclimate performance of ambient weather station. It is also suitable for parallel observation of crop greenhouse environment. To determine the agro-meteorological indicators of crops or the microclimate effect of greenhouse regulation measures. It can also be used for greenhouse microclimates in production management.

Mountain climate is one of the complicated climate types. There are few observation points in my country. Lack of meteorological data. There is a proverb, ‘a mountain has four seasons, and ten miles have different days. There are great differences in different regions. Expressed in different climatic characteristics. Using mountain climate observations to study the characteristics of mountain climate. And the influence of mountains on atmospheric movement and so on. Has very high scientific research value. Aiming at the particularity of mountain climate.

The automatic weather station monitors the element information of the environment through sensors. Such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, etc. These elements are monitored by corresponding sensors. The meteorological element information monitored by the sensor is collected by the collector. The meteorological element data collected by the collector. It is transmitted to the back-end computer terminal through the traditional module. The user can directly see various weather element information on the background computer.

We choose to be in the harsh conditions of the mountains, such as high cold, high temperature, and changeable. Sensors and data collectors that can still have performance. At the same time, it can be processed according to different requirements. ambient weather station Ensure its system stability. Provide guarantee for the collection of high-quality data. In the mountain observation. Because of its own particularity. The measurement factors are quite different. We choose and configure sensors according to the needs of customers.

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