Wireless soil temperature and humidity sensor

Soil temperature sensors play an important role in planting.Soil temperature directly affects the growth of crops, the higher the soil temperature, the faster the growth and development of crops. The occurrence of low temperature or high temperature at a certain time of the year often brings harm to agricultural production. The seeds of crops must germinate within the proper temperature range of the soil.

What happens when the soil temperature high?

High soil temperature often accelerates the maturity of plant root tissue, and the lignified part of root almost reaches the root tip, which reduces the absorption efficiency of root surface.

What happens when the soil temperature low?

The soil temperature is low and the root system is slow to absorb water. When the climate conditions are suitable for transpiration, the aboverground part of the plant is often dehydrated or dehydrated. The soil temperature is too low, which often causes freezing damage to the root system of winter crops. The duration of strong low temperature and the speed of cooling and freezing and thawing all affect the degree of freezing damage. Soil temperature affects the physiological processes of crops.

The effect of soil temperature on microbial activity was very obvious.

The activities of most soil microorganisms require temperature conditions of 15-45℃. Beyond this range (too low or too high), microbial activity is inhibited. Soil temperature plays an important role in humification, mineralization and nutrient supply of soil.

To sum up, the installation of soil temperature sensors can effectively control soil temperature, accelerate plant growth and improve crop output value.

The wireless soil temperature and humidity sensor can collect soil temperature and humidity data in real time. And report the collected data to the cloud server for storage and management. Users can view the soil temperature and humidity data online in real time, which is more accurate and efficient. So as to avoid the occurrence of major accidents caused by soil temperature and humidity changes.

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