Advantages of soil moisture detector


The soil moisture detector is a sensor based on the principle of dielectric constant. It can dynamically observe the soil moisture content and temperature status at different levels. And can be built-in inclination sensor. It can monitor the slope angle of the terrain while monitoring the soil temperature and moisture content. So that customers can quickly and comprehensively understand soil moisture information and prevent disasters. Make plans scientifically. The tubular soil moisture monitor combines the advantages of the catheter type and the pin type. They make up for their shortcomings. With high precision, good stability and minimal soil disturbance, etc. The characteristics are widely used in drought monitoring and soil research. Intelligent irrigation, agricultural production forecasting and landslides and other occasions.

soil moisture detector

The monitor emits a high-frequency detection wave of nearly 1G Hz. Can penetrate plastic pipes. Effectively perceive the soil environment. Its electrodes will not directly contact the soil. It can effectively avoid the interference of electricity on the soil and the plants in the soil. It has a good protective effect on the circuit. It is not affected by salt ions in the soil. It is also not affected by agricultural activities such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation. Make the monitoring data more accurate. The shell is fully sealed and the waterproof grade is IP68. It can be placed in the field soil for uninterrupted measurement for a long time.

The Jingxun Unblocked Tube Soil Moisture Monitor uses a layered observation structure. It can detect the soil temperature and moisture content of the lowest 3 layers or the highest 5 layers. Configure a temperature observation point on the ground. The underground soil is equipped with a soil temperature and humidity measuring point every 10cm. Observe the soil temperature and humidity within the corresponding range. There are two signal output modes: RS485 and GPRS/4G. Support 10-30V wide voltage charging or built-in battery charging. Ability to quickly and comprehensively understand and collect soil moisture information. Provide decision-making support for the correct command of drought relief. Minimize disaster losses.

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