Soil tensiometer to monitor soil moisture


Crops are not like human beings. There is no way to tell us that they are thirsty, hungry, and full of food and drink through words or crying. Therefore, we need to use certain tools or methods to understand them directly or indirectly. In order to arrange irrigation more reasonably, while meeting the water demand of crops. Use and save water resources more effectively. The soil water potential uses the change of water potential inside and outside the tensiometer. Imitate the ability of plants to absorb water in this situation. It can reflect the soil water content more truly, and understand the state of plants being thirsty or drinking enough.

working principle:

The soil water potential tensiometer is buried in the soil due to the difference in water potential inside and outside the ceramic head. Water can enter or exit the tensiometer through the ceramic head. The soil water tension measured by the soil water potential tensiometer is the suction force of the soil to water. The wetter the soil, the lower the suction power for water, and vice versa. When the soil moisture increases until all the voids are filled with water, the soil water tension will drop to zero. In other words, the soil moisture content has reached saturation at this time.

When the soil is dry, the water potential outside the ceramic head is higher than inside. The water is sucked out from the ceramic head, and negative pressure is formed inside the tensiometer. The magnitude of the negative pressure can be read by the vacuum gauge. When the is wet due to rainfall or irrigation, the water potential inside the ceramic head is higher than the outside. Water flows back into the tensiometer, the negative pressure of the tensiometer drops, and the reading of the vacuum gauge also decreases. The inside of the ceramic head here is equivalent to the root system of the plant.

 soil water potential
soil water potential
  1. High-precision and high-resolution can measure soil water potential and temperature at the same time.
  2. The soil tensiometer is simple to operate, easy to carry, and flexible to use. You can purchase only one set of instruments and multiple probes.
  3. It has the function of automatically grabbing the peak tonometer.
  4. With time setting function, full scale setting function, and automatic saving function.
  5. It can record temperature, water potential, time, and store serial number at the same time, with backlight function.
  6. Automatic shutdown function. Without operating the monitor button, the monitor will automatically shut down after 10 minutes.

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