Online cod analyzer protects crops for better production


Irrigation is a big problem in agriculture. After irrigating the crops, better production can be obtained. And if the irrigation is not good, then the yield of crops will be reduced. But irrigation is not just about the amount of water. Water quality is also extremely important. If the water quality is not good for irrigation. Not only will it damage the roots of the crop. It can also cause various diseases in crops. If the irrigation water contains heavy metal elements. These heavy metal elements will also accumulate in the body of crops. Ultimately, it causes terrible harm to humans and livestock using these crops. Online cod analyzer protects crop growth.

Generally speaking, the irrigation water source used by growers. They are all natural water bodies near where their farmland is located. The water quality of these natural water bodies may not be particularly good. But in general it is not too bad. If human beings drink it directly. May not meet the requirements. But it’s okay to use it to water the crops. After all, the habit of many growers using water from a source of water to water their crops may have been going on for decades. Since the past few decades have not had any problems. So why bother to replace the water source?

Online cod analyzer
Online cod analyzer
Application of sewage water quality monitoring equipment

Things in this world. Without exception, they are in a state of motion. Nothing is set in stone. River water in small rivers near farmland may also be polluted. And once this polluted water is used to irrigate crops. Then it will lead to very serious consequences. At this time, sewage water quality monitoring equipment must be used. Monitor relevant water bodies. Especially use the sewage COD online monitor to monitor the COD value of the water body. Because the COD value is a very important criterion for judging sewage water quality. Therefore, the importance of COD may not be comprehensive enough. But generally speaking, there will be no big mistakes.

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