The importance of ph water tester for water


Global warming has been a topic of widespread concern in recent decades. Many people recognize it. Human activities produce a lot of greenhouse gases. And these greenhouse gases are not fully consumed. This has led to a substantial increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere. And broke through several critical points one after another. Some scientists have discovered after a long period of research. If you wait for multiple climatic tipping points to be broken. Then the trend of global warming will be completely finalized. Relying on the existing technology of mankind is completely unable to reverse this trend. The bitter fruit in the end will only be borne by human beings. Especially after entering 2021. Abnormal weather conditions occur frequently around the world. These torrential rains, high temperatures and droughts are undoubtedly a wake-up call for mankind. Except for the abnormal climate caused by the rise in global temperature. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing year by year. It also brings another serious consequence, that is the change of seawater PH value. Therefore ph water tester for water is very important.

ph water tester for water
ph water tester for water
The change of seawater PH value is harmful

Anyone who has studied junior high school chemistry knows it. After carbon dioxide is dissolved in water. It will react with water to form a weakly acidic substance that is chemically unstable-carbonic acid. Although carbonic acid is weak acid. But after all, it is an acid substance, after the quantity has accumulated. Will cause the PH value of seawater to drop. Acidified sea water. It will slowly corrode the exoskeleton of those crustaceans and some molluscs-such as the shells of oysters and clams.

As a result, these creatures cannot resist the attack of predators. Appears to be on the verge of extinction. under these circumstances. To monitor the marine environment. Keep it in a normal state. Use qualified seawater PH sensors for marine environment monitoring. It is a very necessary thing. Worrying ocean acidification. Marine life can clearly perceive it. But humans living on land don’t have any direct feelings. The data fed back by the seawater PH sensor. Humans can clearly feel this change.

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