Online COD/ BOD Detector Analyzer


The COD/BOD detector can monitor the COD and BOD content in water in real time. It can be used for water quality monitoring of water purification plants/waterworks/sewage/wastewater/river lakes/urban rivers/reservoirs/water sources. The COD/BOD detector has stable performance and measurement Accuracy, good water resistance, stable signal, and convenient operation.

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Online COD/ BOD Detector Analyzer


(1)Automatic cleaning: effectively eliminate bubbles and dirt to reduce the influence of dirt on the measurement.
(2)Temperature compensation function: automatic temperature compensation, automatic calibration data with high accuracy and precision.
(3)Double-standard fixed thread: The prefabricated thread is more convenient to install and fix, and the double-standard prefab can meet the different needs of use.
(4)Automatically hang in the water: the product comes with a stainless steel plug that can hang in the water all the time, and the data is accurate. The product line core is made of high-precision copper, and the outer skin is flexible and resistant to bending, tensile and wear resistance. The longer the product line length, the deeper the depth in the water.

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COD/BOD parameter name

COD/BOD Parameter content

Measuring range


measurement accuracy

± 5%F.S.



User calibration

5-point calibration

Protection level


Product power consumption


Under pressure


Installation method

Immersion installation

Product power supply

12- 24V DC

Product shell

POM material

Temperature range


Measuring principle



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