Soil pH detector allows plants to grow better


In agricultural production and planting, the pH of the soil has many effects on plants. Most plants need to grow on soil with a relatively balanced pH. Excessive acidity monitoring is an important factor affecting plant growth and quality. It’s even hard to survive. Therefore, it is very necessary to know the pH of the soil of the plant. The soil pH detector developed and supplied by modern science and technology is also one of the indispensable tools in agricultural production. The soil ph detector is also of important existence value for the development of smart agriculture.

soil PH sensor
Soil pH sensor effect

Soil pH is one of the important basic properties of soil. It is an indicator of the process of soil formation and maturation and fertilization. In the soil, it participates in many chemical reactions and affects many soil properties. Microbial activities, the synthesis and decomposition of organic matter, the ability of soil to retain nutrients, and the migration of elements in the process of soil generation are all related to soil pH. Various plants have a suitable pH range, and growth beyond this range is hindered. Therefore, the significance of soil pH measurement is not limited to understanding soil pH itself. And many other soil properties can be judged or inferred based on the pH value.

The soil PH sensor is composed of a numerically indicated ammeter, a metal sensor, and a functional value switching device. That is: a hardware system with a metal sensor as the core, and the metal sensor is in contact with the soil. Utilize the current generated by the oxidation-reduction reaction in the chemical reaction. The magnitude of the current value drives the unit data of different pH values ​​and humidity values ​​corresponding to the ammeter. The soil PH detection is small in size, beautiful and easy to carry, with one-button switching. You can record manually, or you can set the sampling interval at any time without the computer, and automatically record and store the data. Save once at a time, you can record the time and various environmental parameters at that time. You can switch between automatic mode and manual mode at any time.

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