The meaning of dissolved oxygen sensor for agriculture


With the improvement of people’s living standards, the richness of diet has attracted more and more attention. The supply of aquatic products has also increased substantially compared to the past. However, the original marine industry and other fishing industries are far from being able to meet the needs of people’s daily lives. Aquaculture has attracted more and more people’s attention. The impact of dissolved oxygen in the water quality on the aquaculture industry during the breeding process has also puzzled many farmers. Therefore, Jingxun Changtong aquaculture water quality DO sensor enters the public’s field of vision. Help monitor the water environment of aquaculture, give early warning in time, and ensure the normal progress of aquaculture.


The height in the water is of great significance to the growth and reproduction of fish. In the winter season, many farmers pay attention to the oxygen supply to the water body. However, for the hot summer, oxygen supply is often ignored. In fact, it is also of considerable importance at this time. The summer temperature is higher, which will reduce the dissolved oxygen in the water body. The high temperature will promote the growth of algae and aerobic bacteria in the water. Their excessive growth will cause an excessive drop in dissolved oxygen in the water body. As a result, fish will not like to eat, and severe cases may even cause widespread death. So we need to use the water quality dissolved oxygen detector to monitor the dissolved oxygen content in real time. So as to ensure the survival of aquatic organisms in a normal oxygen environment.

dissolved oxygen sensor
dissolved oxygen sensor

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