Fixed H2 Gas Detector-Explosion-proof hydrogen Gas Alarm Sensor


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Product Overview:

Fixed H2 gas detector is mainly used to detect flammable and explosive gas leakage alarm device, is composed of gas alarm controller and gas detector two parts, gas detector installed in the gas leakage detection site, through the core component of the gas sensor, to achieve real-time detection of gas concentration, can also work independently. The hydrogen sensor is made of semiconductor material, which has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption, high sensitivity, fast response recovery, simple driving circuit, good stability, long life, strong structure and good shock resistance.

Product Application:

The fixed H2 gas detector is widely used in food detection, public health, agricultural farming, portable gas detector and so on.

Product parameters:

H2 measurement range: 0-1000ppm

Measurement accuracy: ≤ reading soil 3% (25°C)

Response time: generally <15s

Baud rate: 2400/4800/9600

Communication port: RS485/ analog

Power supply: DC 12-24V

Power consumption: < 1 w

Operating temperature: -30 50°C (-20-40°C continuous)

Humidity of working environment: 0-100%RH (15-95%RH)

Explosion-proof grade: Exd II CT6

Product Features:

1. Standard 4-20mA current signal output and standard ModBus RTU communication protocol digital signal output, compatible with existing display alarm control unit or DCS (distributed control system).

2. Hd color liquid crystal full Chinese characters display, intuitive display of gas concentration, type, unit and other information. All Chinese Settings menu, simpletype operation, convenient and quick.

3. Sound and light alarm on site, alarm point full range adjustable.

4. With two-stage alarm dry contact output, alarm point full range adjustable, can independently constitute gas detection alarm device, realize gas detection display and alarm function.

5. Plug and play, international standard intelligent sensor.

6. Sensor faults are automatically identified and displayed on site, and corresponding fault current signals are output at the same time.

7. Remote control to realize field adjustment and maintenance of closed cover.

8. The detector housing is double-cavity design, the electrical cavity is completely isolated from the outside world, and the wiring is realized in the wiring cavity, without opening the machine housing.

Product Details:

Fixed H2 Gas Detector

Fixed H2 Gas Detector Introduction Manual

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