Fixed combustible gas detector-Explosion-proof gas sensor


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Product Introduction:

The fixed combustible gas detector is a combustible gas sensor independently developed by Jingxun Unblocked with explosion-proof qualification certification, which is specially developed to detect the concentration of combustible gas in harsh environments. Fixed flammable gas detector needs to be matched with a controller alarm, multiple sensors a controller control, when the combustible gas concentration in the environment reaches the upper limit, will issue a sound and light alarm. The combustible gas detector can effectively prevent explosion and other accidents.

Product parameters:

Measurement range: 0-100%LEL

Measurement method: catalytic combustion

Response time: generally <15s

Baud rate: 2400/4800/9600

Communication port: RS485/ 4-20MA /0-5/10V

Power supply: bus power supply, 12-24V DC

Power consumption: < 1 w

Operating temperature: 0-50°C

Humidity: 15-90%RH (no condensation)

Explosion-proof grade: EXD II CT6

Applicable scene:

Explosion-proof combustible gas sensors can be widely used in chemical plants, gas stations, farms, paint booths, gas pipelines, kitchens, storage, metallurgy, gas stations, mines and other scenarios.


(1) Quality assurance of high-quality probes: We use a variety of high-quality probes to ensure that the probes are sensitive and have a long life;

(2) Fine workmanship, waterproof and dustproof: double waterproof treatment for shell seam/wire interface, waterproof grade up to IP65;

(3) Die-cast aluminum shell with high explosion-proof grade: the shell is Exd II CT6 explosion-proof to protect the internal components;

(4) Double protection of sound and light alarm: the alarm can produce a siren sound of nearly 80dB(A), and is supplemented by red light prompts, which is strong in warning.

Fixed combustible gas detector

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