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Product Introduction

Dissolved oxygen sensor is a kind of sensor equipment specially used to measure the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the measured water. There is a DO sensor using fluorescence measurement principle, which does not consume oxygen and does not need electrolyte. The measurement range of dissolved oxygen is 0~20mg/L. Built-in temperature transmitter, with automatic temperature compensation function.

Model: JXBSS-3001-TT


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Dissolved oxygen sensor


(1)High-sensitivity electrode, high temperature and high pressure resistance, the probe uses high-performance PH glass electrode, high temperature and high pressure resistance, strong adaptability, long life, simple maintenance.

(2)Large 2.4-inch LCD screen, the value is clear at a glance, and the value is displayed in real-time high-definition.

(3)High precision and stable signal, allowing you to obtain every data at any time, with an accuracy of 0.01mg/L.

(4)There is a password to prevent data leakage.

(5)Multiple adaptation fields, one machine with multiple configurations, intelligent adaptation.

(6)Intelligent temperature compensation design, intelligent temperature compensation, one-key adjustable, suitable for a variety of measurement occasions.


Measurement principle: fluorescence method

Range: 0~20MG/L(-200% saturation)

Resolution: 0.01MGL, 0.1°C

Accuracy: 2%FS., +0.5°C

Temperature Compensation: Automatic temperature compensation (P1000)

Output mode: RS-485 bus, ModBUS-RTU protocol

Working conditions: 0~45°C, <02MPA

Storage temperature: 5-65°C

Installation method: Immersion installation

Power consumption: < 0.5 W

Power supply: 12~24VDC 10%

Protection class: IP68

Calibration: two-point calibration

DO sensor

Working Principle – Dissolved oxygen sensor

Fluorescence Dissolved Oxygen: Based on the quenching principle of active fluorescence by specific substances in physics.
By measuring the phase difference between the excited red light and the reference light, and comparing it with the internal calibration value, the concentration of oxygen molecules can be calculated.


What is dissolved oxygen?

The molecular oxygen in the air dissolved in the water is called dissolved oxygen, the content of dissolved oxygen in the water and the partial pressure of oxygen in the air, the temperature of water are closely related. Under natural conditions, the oxygen content in the air does not change much, so the water temperature is the main factor, the lower the water temperature, the higher the content of dissolved oxygen in the water. The molecular form of oxygen dissolved in water is called dissolved oxygen, usually denoted as DO, and expressed in milligrams of oxygen per liter of water. The amount of dissolved oxygen in water is a measure of the water’s self-cleaning ability.

What is a dissolved oxygen sensor?

A dissolved oxygen sensor is a sensing device used to measure the amount of oxygen dissolved in water.

What are the application areas?

1. Measurement and regulation of oxygen in activated sludge tanks of sewage treatment plants in order to achieve high efficiency in biodegradation process

2. Hydrologic monitoring measures oxygen content in rivers, lakes and oceans to indicate water quality

3. Water treatment

Oxygen content measurement, e.g. testing status in drinking water (oxygen abundance/corrosion prevention, etc.)

4. The fish ponds

Oxygen content is measured and regulated to maintain optimal ecological and growth conditions


Dissolved oxygen sensor Introduction Manual

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