Soil moisture detector

Soil moisture detector
Soil sensors are an important tool for detecting soil health, which can reflect the current soil moisture, temperature, salinity, or fertility in real-time. Provide data support for soil moisture monitoring, agricultural irrigation, and forestry protection industries.

——Soil Sensor——

Soil sensor can accurately monitor soil conditions, such as soil NPK, soil moisture, soil PH, etc., and support remote view, real-time data transmission

5 in 1 soil sensor – integrated soil parameters sensor

Portable Soil EC Detector – Conductivity monitoring with display screen

Soil EC detector – soil conductivity tester

Portable soil PH detector – PH monitoring display screen

Soil EC Sensor Soil Electrical Conductivity Salinity Online Tester

Soil fertilizer nutrient detector – soil NPK sensor

Soil tensiometer-Soil NPK/moisture/PH detector

soil sensor-Integrated soil sensor

——Soil moisture sensor description——

soil moisture sensor is a high-precision sensor for measuring soil moisture.  The working principle is to measure the dielectric constant of the soil, which can measure the volume percentage of soil moisture.  The soil moisture measurement method conforms to international standards and is suitable for various soils.

Soil moisture detector

Product Features:

  •  Multi-function keys, such as: single point record, start/stop record
  •  Switch with a variety of units
  • Rich man-machine interface, full-color interface designed based on the latest embedded ideas, can query, record and display data in real time
  • Data display method, individual digital + instrument display, multiple measurement data set display, optional real-time curve display.
  • Select the data storage function.  It supports 4MB data storage function.  Data can be exported to the computer through Excel, and printing, editing, icon display functions, et
Soil PH tester

Parameter is introduced:
Power supply: DC3.7V lithium battery
Reporting interval: 1 to 1000 minutes This parameter is configurable
Moisture measurement range: 0-100%
Storage environment: -45 ° C to 115 ° C
Moisture accuracy: ±3% in the range of 0-53% / ±5% in the range of 53-100%
Temperature measurement range: -40℃-80℃
Temperature accuracy: ±0.5℃

Soil moisture sensor application

The soil moisture sensor is suitable for soil moisture monitoring, scientific experiments, water-saving irrigation, greenhouses, flowers and vegetables, grassland pastures, soil rapid testing, plant cultivation, sewage treatment, precision agriculture, and other occasions. Soil moisture sensor can be combined with wind speed sensor, wind direction sensor, rain gauge, solar radiation shield, rain and snow sensor, UV sensor, solar radiation sensor, sunlight sensor, atmospheric pressure sensor, etc. to form a weather station monitoring system.

soil moisture sensor features

1. The three parameters of soil moisture content, electrical conductivity, and temperature are combined into one.
2. It can also be used for the conductivity of water and fertilizer integrated solutions and other nutrient solutions and substrates.
3. The electrode is made of specially treated alloy material, which can withstand strong external impact and is not easy to damage.
4. Completely sealed, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion can be buried in soil or directly into the water for long-term dynamic testing.
5. High precision, fast response, good interchangeability, probe insertion design to ensure accurate measurement and reliable performance.

Why choose our soil moisture sensor?

Easy use

Our soil moisture sensor is simple to use. It can be directly inserted into the soil to measure the current soil moisture content, or it can be connected to a soil irrigation system and used with a controller to control soil irrigation. Can be buried in the soil for long-term measurement.

More types

We have a variety of soil sensors that can measure soil temperature, humidity, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, pH or EC and other elements. Meet the measurement needs of different places. Provide rs485 and analog signal output modes. Easy to calibrate. Long using life.


The soil temperature and humidity sensor is suitable for soil moisture monitoring, scientific experiments, water-saving irrigation, greenhouse, flowers and vegetables, grassland and pasture, soil rapid detection, plant cultivation, sewage treatment, precision agriculture and other occasions. Soil moisture sensor can be combined with wind speed sensor, wind direction sensor, rain gauge, solar radiation shielding, rain and snow sensor, ultraviolet sensor, solar radiation sensor, sunlight sensor, atmospheric pressure sensor into a weather station monitoring system.

Product Size:


(1)High protection performance: High-density epoxy resin is used for high-temperature vacuum filling between the probe and the body, which can prevent moisture from entering the inside of the body and has a better sealing performance. In addition to the combined part, we also do waterproof and dustproof treatment to the entire body to ensure long-term operation of the components.
(2)Probe: We use austenitic 316 stainless steel as the raw material for the probe part, which is anti-rust, electrolytic, and salt-alkali corrosion resistant, ensuring the long-term operation of the probe part. Therefore, it is suitable for all kinds of soil.
(3)Internal structure: low power consumption and high sensitivity chip, the soil sensor uses imported high quality chip inside, low power consumption, high sensitivity and stable signal.

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