Soil EC detector – soil conductivity tester



Product introduction:

Soil EC meter is a sensor developed by our company for rapid detection of soil composition. The shape of the soil meter adopts handheld design, which is convenient for users to carry.Our soil salt tester is widely used in farmland production, soil research, greenhouse planting, orchard nursery, horticulture planting, tree planting, pot and other fields.


(1) Accurate measurement
After inserting the metal probe into the soil, the measurement results can be displayed within a few seconds, and the measurement is accurate.
(2) 3. 7V low lithium battery, low power consumption, low power consumption.
The product is powered by 3.7V lithium battery, low power consumption, long life and easy to use.
(3) large screen LCD digital display reading
Clear, high-definition large screen display, easy to read, digital display at a glance.
(4) Plug and play
Measuring products can be inserted into the soil, simple and convenient, low cost, fast speed.

Product details:

Points for attention:

1, the probe must be fully in contact with the soil and compacted to ensure the accuracy of the data.
2. In order to improve the accuracy of the test results, please use the multi-directional method to spot and average the test period.
3. Do not contact the stone or exert too much force at the test point, otherwise the electrode may be damaged. Should not be in the soil for a long time, easy oxidation.
4. After the measurement, clean the soil on the surface of the probe with gauze in time to keep the probe dry.


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