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Top 5 Water Quality Sensors For Water Treatments Easily

Water is the source of all living things, is a very important natural resource, daily life and production activities are inseparable from water. Drinking water quality is closely related to human health. Water quality monitoring and control has become one of the important subjects of modern science. The on-line water quality monitoring system can accurately, timely and comprehensively reflect the current water quality status and development trend, and provide scientific basis for water treatment projects. The sensor front end of the water quality monitoring system is different water quality sensors.

Water quality sensors detect water quality parameters such as conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, COD, residual chlorine and turbidity through a variety of detection methods such as chemical, physical and biological reactions of water, providing data support for researchers, observers and engineers. For laboratory research, environmental management improvement, Marine water quality assessment, hydraulic model calibration, sewage treatment and other fields.

What is a water quality sensor?

Water quality sensor is used to measure PH, residual chlorine, turbidity, suspended solids, COD, BOD, conductivity and dissolved oxygen sensors collectively. Water quality is not a specific daily parameter, it contains several elements to measure water condition.

Types of water quality sensors

Water quality is a general concept that covers a wide range. Therefore, the establishment of a complete water quality monitoring system is a complex project. The good news is that with these 5 water quality sensors and a water quality monitoring host, you can easily set up your water quality monitoring system.

  • PH Sensor
  • Conductivity Sensor
  • Residual Chlorine Sensor
  • Turbidity Sensor
  • Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

PH Sensor

PH Sensor

The industrial water PH sensor is a kind of water quality sensor to measure the PH value (hydrogen ion concentration index, PH) of the measured water, the instrument has automatic temperature compensation function. It is suitable for industrial sewage, domestic sewage, agriculture, and aquaculture in non-corrosive weak acid and alkali environment. The output signal is RS485, 4-20mA.

Conductivity Sensor

Conductivity Sensor

The JXSBS-3001 water conductivity sensor is a water quality sensor that detects the conductivity value of the water in the north side. The sensor has the automatic temperature compensation function, which can compensate the conductivity of the current temperature to the specified temperature. Depending on the application, we offer both stainless steel electrodes and plastic electrodes. There are RS485 and analog output options.

Residual Chlorine Sensor

Residual Chlorine Sensor

Residual chlorine sensor is an industrial water quality sensor used to measure residual chlorine content in solution. Chlorine electrodes are made of high-purity platinum, which provides a high level of protection and can work well even in harsh environments. This residual chlorine sensor has two signal outputs, RS485 and analog. It is widely used for determination of chlorine in natural water, surface water, groundwater and aquaculture.

Turbidity Sensor

The turbidity sensor can monitor the turbidity, suspended solids and sludge concentration in the water.
The water turbidity sensor probe can be used to measure the turbidity of the backwash water of the water plant filter, the turbidity of the raw water and the sedimentation tank, monitor the water quality in the industrial production process, and monitor the surface water, groundwater and conventional pipe network water quality.

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Dissolved oxygen sensor

Dissolved oxygen sensor is a kind of sensor equipment specially used to measure the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the measured water. There is a DO sensor using fluorescence measurement principle, which does not consume oxygen and does not need electrolyte. The measurement range of dissolved oxygen is 0~20mg/L. Built-in temperature transmitter, with automatic temperature compensation function.

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